Centennial Hall, Kurokami South Campus, Kumamoto University
The Centenary hall has an auditorium with a capacity of 350 persons and sorounding spacy floors. All sessions including plenary lectures, regular talks, poster sessions and exibition will be held here in a building.

Centennial hall, outlook

Centennial hall, stage

The main building for the historical Fifth High School

What's up in Kumamoto?
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Kumamoto Castle and the historical sites

Kumamoto castle

Shokun room in the castle
Mts. Aso and the sorrounding nature

Active Nakadake crator

Mts. Aso viewed from the north,
regarded as the Buddha immediately after his death
Amakusa islands

Islands with 5 bridges

Fresh seafoods and Vegitables

Where is Kumamoto?
Getting to Kumamoto:
From Tokyo/Haneda: 95 min flight & bus to downtown
From Nagoya/Chubu: 80 min flight & bus to downtown
From Fukuoka: 35 min by “Shinkansen" bullet train or 2 hours by Highway bus