Abstract Submission - CLOSED -

Submission of Manuscript for Conference Proceedings
For publication in the Conference Proceedings authors are expected to submit a manuscript. In submitting a manuscript the authors agree that the Institute of Pulsed Power Science, Kumamoto University has the ownership of the copyright for the EAPPC 2014 Conference Proceeding.

Manuscripts will be published as Proceedings, which will be made available to all attendees after the conference. Additionally will be available the online publication of the Proceedings at the IEEE Online Library IEEE-Xplore.

For publication in the Proceedings it is required, that the content of the submitted paper is presented by the author or one co-author as indicated at abstract submission, as poster or oral talk at the conference. Otherwise, manuscripts will NOT be accepted for publication.

Preparation of the manuscript:

For prepartation of your manuscript please download and use the IEEE Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings, which are available at


For poster presentations and oral presentations as contributed talk the manuscript may be up to 4 pages in length. For invited talks the manuscript might be up to 6 pages long. Speakers of Plenary Sessions may write up to 8 pages.

Submission of the Manuscript:

Submit your electronic manuscript in PDF format by emailing to submit@cs.kumamoto-u.ac.jp by September 25, 2014.
Electronic manuscript in PDF format must be submitted to the onsite registration desk by 5 p.m. on September 11th, 2014. It would be very helpful if the file name indicates your presentation number that you can find in the program.

Please note that the server will accept PDF files only.
When generating the PDF file, please make sure that ALL fonts are embedded into your PDF document. Most likely in the course of PDF file generation you may need to select this option manually. Also, please make sure that your document matches the Manuscript Templates with respect to margins and other layout specifications.

Special Issue IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (October 2015)
This Special Issue will be dedicated to manuscripts that are substantially revised and lengthened from those of the Conference Proceedings. These manuscripts will undergo standard peer-review process typical for all IEEE Transactions and Journals. This Special Issue is open to, but not limited to, all attendees of EAPPC 2014. It will cover the following topics, same as the conference:
  • Pulsed Power Technology, Systems and Components
  • Pulsed Power Applications
  • High Power Microwave and RF Sources
  • Radiation Sources
  • Particle Beam Technology
The IEEE website gManuscript Centralh will be used for electronic manuscript submission. The submission deadline is November 30, 2014. Authors may seek additional information by contacting any one of the Guest Editors.
  • Dr. Luis Redondo, Lisbon Engineering Superior Institute (ISEL), Portugal
  • Prof. Hamid Hosseini, Kumamoto University, Japan
  • Prof. Bucur Novac, Loughborough University, United Kingdom

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