When you submit an abstract, chose one of the following scientific tipics of the conference.

  1. Pulsed Power Technology, Systems and Components
  • (A) High Voltage Insulation
  • (B) High Energy Density Storage
  • (C) Closing and Opening Switches
  • (D) Transmission Lines and Transformers
  • (E) Modulators and Power Supplies
  • (F) Electromagnetic Launchers
  • (G) Generators & Networks
  • (H) Compact and Repetitive Pulsed Power Systems
  • (I) High Current and High Energy Systems
  • (J) Pulsed Power Diagnostics
  • (K) Theory and Simulation
  2. Pulsed Power Applications
  • (A) Electromagnetic, Plasma, Beam and Laser Applications
  • (B) Medical, Biological and Environmental Applications
  • (C) Industrial and Commercial Applications
  • (D) Space and Emerging Applications
  • (E) Theory and Simulation
  3. High Power Microwaves and RF Sources
  • (A) High Power Microwave Devices
  • (B) Fast Wave Devices
  • (C) Slow wave Devices
  • (D) Microwave Systems and Sources
  • (F) Theory and Simulation
  4. Radiation Sources
  • (A) Z, X-Pinches and Imploding Liners
  • (B) High Power Diodes
  • (C) Lasers
  • (D) Theory and Simulation
  5. Particle Beam Technology
  • (A) High Current Accelerators
  • (B) Plasma, Ion and Electron Sources
  • (C) Intense Electron and Ion Beams
  • (D) Free Electron Lasers
  • (E) Theory and Simulation