The Local Organizing Committee recommends the following hotels to stay in Kumamoto during the conference. All hotels in the list are located in downtown of Kumamoto City. Basically, reservation of your hotel room should be done in person. But if you need an assistance, a Japanese travel agency, Kinki Nippon Tourist (KNT), will help you. They reserved a sufficient number of rooms in several hotels in the list for EAPPC 2014 participants from foreign countries.

Link to Kinki Nippon Tourist, Co., Ltd.

Recommended Hotels

Kumamoto Hotel Castle

where Welcome Reception and Conference Banquet will be held on Sep. 8 (Mon.) and on Sep. 11 (Thu.), respectively. Local Registration Desk will be opened in the evening on Sep. 8 as well.
Also a couple of chartered buses depart this hotel every morning for the conference venue.
Hotel Nikko Kumamoto

NOTE: approximately 250 m from Hotel Castle
KKR Hotel Kumamoto

NOTE: approximately 300 m from Hotel Castle
Ark Hotel Kumamoto

NOTE: approximately 200 m from Hotel castle
Toyoko Inn Kumamoto-jyo Toricho Suji

NOTE: 300 m from Hotel Castle

Other Downtown Hotels (within 10 minutes walk to Hotel Castle.

Kumamoto Washington Hotel Plaza
Richmond Hotel Kumamoto Shinshigai
Kumamoto Kotsu Center Hotel