IPPS consists of four departments including 12 research fields.

  • ・Pulsed Power Infrastructure Department (4 fields)
  • ・Extreme Condition Materials Science Departmen (4 fields)
  • ・Bioelectrics Department (4 fields)
  • ・International Visitor Liaison                   *Concurrent post

Pulsed Power Infrastructure Department (4 fields)

  • Pulsed Power Generation Control Laboratory

    Research on the generation, control, measurement and application of pulsed power using the electrical energy.

    Dr. Takashi SAKUGAWA

    Dr. Douyang WANG
    Assoc. Professor

    Dr. Hidenori AKIYAMA
    Professor Ermeritus
  • Explosive Process Laboratory

    Research on the generation, control, measurement, and application of pulsed power with explosives.

    Dr. Kazuyuki HOKAMOTO

    Dr. Shigeru TANAKA
    Research Associate
    Technical Assistant
    Yoshikage Tsujikawa
    Technical Assistant
    Ken Kusano
  • Supercritical Fluid Process Laboratory

    Research on the enhancement of the supercritical fluid process by supercritical fluid process pulsed power and laser-produced plasma.

    Dr. Mitsuru SASAKI
    Assoc. Professor
  • Environmental Process Laboratory

    Research on environment applications of nanosecond pulsed power.

    Dr. Takao NAMIHIRA
    Technical Assistant
    Tetsuya Arita
    Technical Assistant
    Shinjiro Katsuo
    Technical Assistant
    Akane Kondoh
    Technical Assistant
    Ritsuo Tanaka
    Technical Assistant
    Yukari Mitsugi

Extreme Condition Materials Science Department (4 fields)

Bioelectrics Department (4 fields)

International Visitor Liaison