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Past Seminars

May 7, 2009
Speaker: Dr. Ken-ichi Yano (Division of Medical Bioelectrics)
Title: "Molecular mechanism of DNA damage response and its application in cancer therapy"

Apr 22, 2009
Speaker: Dr. Hamid Hosseini and Dr. Eri Shiraishi (Division of International Cooperation Bioelectrics)

Apr 15, 2009
Speaker: Dr. Karl H. Schoenbach (Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics, Old Dominion University)
Title: "Suggested Research Directions in Bioelectrics"

Apr 8, 2009
Speaker: Dr. Sunao Katsuki (Division of Fundamental Bioelectrics)
Title: "Cancer Studies based on Pulsed Power Technologies"

Apr 1, 2009
Speaker: Dr. Hidenori Akiyama (Division of International Cooperation Bioelectrics)